This Saturday there is a toga party/show at Peyton’s house on 431 East Rich Avenue, DeLand, FL. I feel compelled to say TOGA TOGA! in all caps for some reason. Here’s the flier.


The Taxpayers are here from Portland, Oregon! Waohoh! Listen to their rowdy, anthemic folk punk at

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DeLand Before Fest: Landlord, Premadonnasaurs, Among Giants, Critter, John Laye & Ed

Back in October, we had a pretty great house show at the Elsasser house (RIP) as a prelude to the funsanity that was the come that very FEST weekend. It was a tuesday night affair, but all the bands managed to rock it accordingly. It was also a mandatory costume party in honor of Halloween and how much fun it is to wear women’s clothes.  I just managed to find some photos of Premadonnasaurs playing (they are a really fun pop punk band from St. Augustine, peep their tuneage at Here’s some photo action.


M. Pius ladies and gentlemen, the
best drunk drummer this side of the Mississip. Signing off,


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Unified Field Theory track up!

Glenwood, Florida’s jazzy bass and drums duo have put up their first recorded material on the internet for our enjoyment. Check it out at

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This month is exciting! House shows!

JAN 14th @ The Elgart House ( ask around )

GART FEST 6: Featuring:

Daves (one man, one guitar, one drumset, one loop pedal, and a whole lot of instrumental, mathy rock goodness.)

+ others TBA

JAN 22 @ Peyton’s House ((431 Rich Ave, DeLand, Fl)

 The Taxpayers (Raucus, Johnny-Hobo-like choruses backed by fast, rollicking drums, sailorly accordion, and a swingish horn section.) (Portland, OR)

Critter (I play drums in this band)

Possibly others? Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

JAN 27 @ The Bap House (ask around)

Fat Shadow (pop-rock-punk with members of Pink Razors, the Door-Keys, Landlord, and others)(Bloomington, IN)

Unified Field Theory ( Virtuoso’d out bass and drums a la Mars Volta, Carl Sagan, and quantum physics.) (Glenwood, FL)


Show starts at 7 pm.

Then on February 4th, we have Civilization (Doomy sludge metal with dual bellowed/shouted vocals. I cannot overstate how much this band tears it up) from Jacksonville playing at Judy’s house (ask around) with a brand new project with the drummer of Civilization and the drummer of DeLand’s Soulman & Breeze called Seedeaters. Also playing are Critter and Idiots On Ice, another brand new band with the bass player of Soulman & Breeze and others.

That’s all for now!


Listen to Civilization (and learn the lyrics) at

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DeLand area, fuck wit us, we bury ya.

Hi all.  Due to a recent handful of DIY house shows that have sprinkled into our town, I have cautiously and optimistically started a website based on the house shows that we have in DeLand. Here I and possibly other people will post the latest house show dates as well as reviews and photos from shows. It’s about time DeLand became the house show stop after St. Augustine (or Orlando, as the case may be.) Let’s work together and keep fun shows, good bands, and good times flowing thru D-Town. -Nathan

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