Bands from Chicago, Arkansas, and Seattle!

Hey Delandites. Two more shows are tugging at the sleeve of reality, begging to happen in our town. One of them is a rock-solid, fast, funny, just plain good post-pop punk band from Chicago called the Please and Thank Yous: (Yes, you can listen to them at that link). Super catchy, but not-derivative, fast songs. The post-pop-punk moniker is really appropriate. I can’t think of a band to compare them to, maybe early Weezer meets good Blink 182. They definitely have a 90s feel. They’re gonna need a show after Christmas. Listen and keep them in mind!

Now, more pressingly:

Two really talented folk-rock bands, WORLD HISTORY and REAL LIVE TIGERS (the latter of which Critter has played a show with in St. Augustine) from Seattle and Fayetteville, Arkansas, respectively, need a show on September 18th. Here’s what Neil, the guitarist of Real Live Tigers and super swell guy, has to say:

WORLD HISTORY: Folky genuine hungry songs; anarcho undertones & sometimes singalongs
Notes: Album features members of LAKE & Kickball. Played with bands such as Calvin Johnson, LAKE, David Dondero.

REAL LIVE TIGERS: Dark gospel electric folksongs about human connections, secrets, & mistakes
Notes: Played with bands such as Deer Tick, Mount Eerie, Peter and the Wolf. Recently featured on MTV Hive at

Talk about some credentials! Send me an email at nathanoliver11 [at] gmail [dot] com if you can have either of these shows at your house!

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