Hey everybody

Shows, shows, bros, sisses, near misses, and shows. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the website. I promise to be more vigilant in the upcoming months. In DeLand news,

-Instrumental math-rock act DAVES has disbanded. Is it possible for a one-man band to break up? Regardless I’m excited for the future projects of the multi-talented David E. DAVES played their last show at a show with Deltona metal band La Vey at a house off of Plymouth Ave.

-Kickass St. Augustinians Premadonnasaurs and The Cougs played a sweaty, packed show at Valhalla to kick off the month of March. Look for their reappearance in the Land of De on May 13, which may purportedly mean a Surf 13 house show at Johnny H’s barn/skatepark.

Greenville, South Carolina’s Rubrics is coming to DeLand as part of their Florida tour in April. They’ll be here on Thursday, April 21st. This show is still being planned. Do you want to do it at your house?


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