Bands from Chicago, Arkansas, and Seattle!

Hey Delandites. Two more shows are tugging at the sleeve of reality, begging to happen in our town. One of them is a rock-solid, fast, funny, just plain good post-pop punk band from Chicago called the Please and Thank Yous: (Yes, you can listen to them at that link). Super catchy, but not-derivative, fast songs. The post-pop-punk moniker is really appropriate. I can’t think of a band to compare them to, maybe early Weezer meets good Blink 182. They definitely have a 90s feel. They’re gonna need a show after Christmas. Listen and keep them in mind!

Now, more pressingly:

Two really talented folk-rock bands, WORLD HISTORY and REAL LIVE TIGERS (the latter of which Critter has played a show with in St. Augustine) from Seattle and Fayetteville, Arkansas, respectively, need a show on September 18th. Here’s what Neil, the guitarist of Real Live Tigers and super swell guy, has to say:

WORLD HISTORY: Folky genuine hungry songs; anarcho undertones & sometimes singalongs
Notes: Album features members of LAKE & Kickball. Played with bands such as Calvin Johnson, LAKE, David Dondero.

REAL LIVE TIGERS: Dark gospel electric folksongs about human connections, secrets, & mistakes
Notes: Played with bands such as Deer Tick, Mount Eerie, Peter and the Wolf. Recently featured on MTV Hive at

Talk about some credentials! Send me an email at nathanoliver11 [at] gmail [dot] com if you can have either of these shows at your house!

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Music video: AC Deathstrike – “Winter In Russia”

Jacksonville pop/rock/punk outfit just put out a really catchy music video for the title track off of their newest release, . Click the link to hear it! How does this pertain to DIY DeLand you ask? Well, ACD has played in DeLand before, and there is a clip from when Critter opened for them at Parliament House-a-delic last month in the beginning of the video. Cool right? Personal egotism aside, listen to the song cause it’s a jam.


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Peoples is Peoples

Hey there. Not much is new in the Dirty D. South Carolinians RUBRICS came and blasted our faces off, and Jacksonville’s AC Deathstrike assuaged our wounds with sweet, sweet pop melodies. That’s actually chronologically incorrect, cause Rubrics played after ACD, but you get the idea. Here is a sweet picture of the Taxpayers show at Peyton’s house in January, taken by Joe Mortimus Johnson IIIIIIV.

DeLand Fest as it has been affectionately dubbed by the St. Augustinians, is happening at Johnny’s Barn on May 13th. Bands that are playing:

Cop City/Chill Pillars (droney garage noise rock from south FL -
The Cougs (sweet garage rock from St. Augustine –
Idiots on Ice (DeLand’s party rock and rollers, ex Soulman & Breeze)
Love Handles (Lake Worth low-fi rock/pop/drone –
The Douche Crew (St. Augustine fast pop punk –
Critter (DeLand folky pop punk –

and possibly more. It is quite possible that you, dear reader, do not know where Johnny’s barn is. If that’s the case, and if you’re not a dingus, feel free to email me at and I can give you the address and stuff.

Oh yeah, and I guess Critter is going on tour in like two weeks… Operation become a real band: COMMENCE!

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Hey everybody

Shows, shows, bros, sisses, near misses, and shows. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the website. I promise to be more vigilant in the upcoming months. In DeLand news,

-Instrumental math-rock act DAVES has disbanded. Is it possible for a one-man band to break up? Regardless I’m excited for the future projects of the multi-talented David E. DAVES played their last show at a show with Deltona metal band La Vey at a house off of Plymouth Ave.

-Kickass St. Augustinians Premadonnasaurs and The Cougs played a sweaty, packed show at Valhalla to kick off the month of March. Look for their reappearance in the Land of De on May 13, which may purportedly mean a Surf 13 house show at Johnny H’s barn/skatepark.

Greenville, South Carolina’s Rubrics is coming to DeLand as part of their Florida tour in April. They’ll be here on Thursday, April 21st. This show is still being planned. Do you want to do it at your house?


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Civilization and Roamers house show tomorrow

Hey all. So Jacksonville’s down-tempo-crust outfit Civilization has been a bastion of the Florida DIY scene since like 2004. They’re playing Judy’s house tomorrow, and you’ll have to ask around for the address. You can email me at nathanoliver11 [at] gmail [dot]com and I’ll give it to you. Headbang! Roamers is a brand new band comprising of Stuart of SOulman and Breeze, Josh of Civilization, and Andrew who I’m sure has played in some rad bands. Critter and Idiots On Ice will also be playing.

P.S. I’ve been finding out about these great girl-fronted bands from New York and New Jersey lately. Check out Aye Nako:

and Little Lungs:

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Fat Shadow/ Unified Field Theory/Critter show recap!

I am feeling lazy right now, but suffice it to say that last night’s show at Valhalla, the new garage-venue crafted expertly by Josh Coloumbe and Joe Bindschadler, was awesome! Unified Field Theory tore it up with ear-melting bass and mind-flaying drums. Psychadelic and funkarific! Fat Shadow is a great band from Bloomington, Indiana, and they are Jeff and Erin from Pink Razors, Daun from the Door-Keys, and Chris from Landlord. The DeLandites packed the tiny space and rocked out. Tambourines were shaken, conga lines were started, and fun was had. I am super excited about Valhalla as an intimate DIY venue. It even has a porch-like chilling area with Christmas lights and everything! If I’d only seen pictures, I would have thought it was the back of some Gainesville restaurant. Thanks to everyone who came and to those who donated to Fat Shadow, they needed it! I’ll post up some pictures later this weekend.


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Fat Shadow show moved to tomorrow!!!!

That’s right, the Fat Shadow/Unified Field Theory show has been moved form Thursday to tomorrow, which is Wednesday. I hope you can still make it!


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